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[Cat# ARC10010M/] ….. CIP 10M, in Plastic Transport Case with Protective Foam


Product Summary:

  • Enclosed in a Plastic Case with Protective Foam
  • Includes Inhalable head, Charger, Pouch, Mag Switch, Cup removal tool,
    1- M sampling Cup, & Instruction manual
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The CIP-10M is the liquid sampling version of the CIP 10 that collects the contents of the sampled air, in a liquid that is in a rotating cup.

This version of the CIP 10, allows for sampling of airborne bacteria, virus and endotoxins. Under certain circumstances, the liquid can capture chemical vapors by using appropriate derivatizing chemicals in the spinning liquid. The conditions that can lead to success are, low volatility liquid, and fast reaction chemistry between the vapor molecules and the derivatizing molecules. (see reference articles under Isocyanate in our literature section)

The following literature articles refer to the use of the CIP 10M — ASD# 069R, ASD# 075, ASD# 079, ASD# 080, ASD# 081, ASD# 083R, ASD# 090, #ASD 091R, ASD# 092R, ASD# 093, ASD# 094, #ASD 096, ASD# 097, ASD# 100R, ASD# 101, #ASD 104.
The unit is pre-calibrated to sample at 10 Liters per minute

Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 4 in