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Air Sampling Made Easy

Collect air samples effectively with a device offered by Air Sampling Devices. You can be sure your results are accurate with our wide selection of sampling devices.

Unique Engineering

Our devices have been manufactured after extensive research into the complete air sampling process. With our products you will be able to collect and subsequently analyze samples efficiently.

Expert Support

Air Sampling Devices provides the best customer support in the industry. Our blog and provided literature aim to keep customers informed of any new developments in the field.

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Air Sampling Devices provides devices that make collecting samples and performing reliable analysis on the samples as easy as possible. Our devices have been carefully engineered after examining the complete air sampling process. By taking both the methods used by the sample taker and the analytical laboratory personnel into account we were able to develop a line of products that we’re proud of.

Our aim is to provide support to our customers through our blog and extensive technical support library. If at any time you have a question regarding the use of our products, detailed descriptions regarding the CIP-10 and CIP-10M can be found on our literature page. and Videos

We recently added a line of filters configured to fit specialty sampling devices. These filters up to now have been available only from very few sources. Please peruse our specialty filters .