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[Cat# ARC10010K/] … CIP 10 : in Plastic Transport Case, No Heads, No rotating cup, No pouch


This product does not include the following:   Sampling Head, Sampling Cups, Pouch

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This unit is the basic CIP 10 body with the motor.

It has all the safety ratings as a complete CIP 10.

Examples where this item is useful:-

— Many users set an extra body with the calibration of air flow at 7.5 LPM to avoid having to regulate the unit if they wish to sample thoracic fraction and their unit has been set up for other fractions that require 10 LPM flow rates.

— The CIP 10 body has met with an accident and needs replacing, user does not have to buy all the other items that normally are included in a CIP 10 kit.

— One can have a dedicated motor/body for each of the different selector heads.


Additional information

Weight 47 oz
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 3.5 in