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NAICS .. 334516, 541380       Duns #.. 142172084
CAGE # .. 65YT4          PSC # .. AH22, AH24, AH26, AH27

In Business 5 years as Air Sampling Devices

Parent Company is Eli Smyrloglou Consulting LLC (since 2007)

19 Lee Ann Dr.   Milford NH        1-603-249-5311


Air Sampling Devices ….

Eli Smyrloglou Consulting LLC

President: Eli Smyrloglou …. [email protected]


Pertinent past performances involving government entities

Developed a sampling capsule for NIOSH initiative to account for wall losses in 37mm sampling cassettes (2012-2013) (product has been introduced to the market and is being used by the DOE for sampling of Beryllium)

Import specialty products for the counting and evaluation of asbestos fibers for OSHA (2015 Study)  (Re-locatable Field, Cover Glass)

Nature of Business

North American Distributor for Tecora Air Sampling & Pollution Control products. (France/Italy)

Developer of air sampling devices for customer specific applications.

Market/Product research
Did the market research for NRD air sampler for nano-particles (Zeflon Corp. of Florida) . Product launched 2014 and is the premier sampler on the market for personal sampling for nano-particles