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[Cat# ARC10000-I-K] ….. Starter Kit for sampling inhalable & total dust Fraction


Product Summary:

    • — Contains:-
    • 1 of CIP10-I  in its case with standard accessories (Cat# ARC10010-IN)
    • 1 of Laser Tachometer  with NIST certificate   (Cat #ASD6125-010)
    • 1 of Rotating foam pack of 10 (Cat# ARC10032-10 )
              1 User Manual
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A complete kit to allow you to sample the Inhalable and or the Total dust fractions. Kit Includes a tachometer for calibration of unit
After sampling, the usual method of analysis is gravimetric. However the dust can be recovered from the collection cup, and analyzed by traditional instrumental analysis. See our LITERATURE articles to find relevant information
— This kit is intended for first time buyers and includes the bare minimum material and equipment to perform sampling.

Additional information

Weight 57 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in