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CIP 10-M

Bioaerosol Sampler

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Modular architecture with

The ability to create a thin film of liquid in the inside wall of the spinning cup, permits the gentle transfer of suspended organisms into a nurturing environment that assures a high survival rate.
The thin film capability also allows aerosols and vapors to chemically interact with reactants in the liquid film, thus become quantitatively captured Subsequent analysis of the liquid by culturing, Limulus amebocyte lysate, PCR, or instrumental analysis can determine the contaminant.

Specifics of the CIP 10-M

The CIP 10-M‘s rotating cup has horizontal blades, on the upper part, which generate a flow by the centrifugal fan effect. The friction of the air with the vertical faces of the liquid contained in the liquid cup and with the other faces generates a low-pressure area to direct the airflow towards the collection liquid. This way the aspirated airflow follows a helicoidal movement to gently place the living cells on the fluid and guarantee their viability.

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