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Calibration and Verification of Flow Rate

To calibrate the flow rate of the CIP-10, we use a pressure loss compensation calibration bench. (Catalog #ARC8525)

The device is fully portable in its own case, and can be deployed in the field if necessary. All that is needed is a source of filtered compressed air.

Here are the nominal steps

1) CIP-10 is installed in the airtight enclosure of the calibration bench.
2) Filtered oil-free compressed air, with the valve in off position, is introduced into the calibration bench.
3) The CIP-10 is turned on, and sufficient time is allowed (20-30 seconds) to reach top flow.
4) The flow is adjusted by the valve to approximately 10 liters per minute as indicated by the flowmeter.
5) Observe the Manometer, the pressure difference generated between the incoming compressed air, and the vacuum created by the CIP-10 suction, will be indicated by the manometer.
6) Adjust the valve until the manometer shows “0” reading. At that point the incoming air volume is equal to the outgoing air volume.
7) Read the flow meter, it should be 10 Liters per minute +/- 5% or better

The above described calibration is performed at the factory, on each CIP-10, prior to release for sale. The calibration bench is provided for users that want to verify flow rates or have the need to change the flow rate often, such as sampling for thoracic fraction of dust, and all other fractions.

The stability of the cup’s rotation is assured by the electronic circuitry of the CIP-10, thus once this calibration, using the bench, has been performed, you can verify the flow rate by checking the rotation of the cup containing the foam.

In the field you can easily check the flow rate by verifying the rate of rotation of the foam cup by using a laser tachometer.

The method employs a dedicated cup that has had a reflective tape attached to its side.

Using the optical laser tachometer (ASD6125-010) you can ascertain the rotation speed. The verification takes less than 5 minutes.