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[Cat# ARC10050K] …5 Units of CIP 10 .. without Heads, in Plastic Transport Case


Product Summary

  • Bundle of 5 CIP 10 without Head(s)
  • 1 Plastic Case
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We make available bulk buying of CIP 10 basic motor units. This pack is designed for established users that are expanding the adoption of CIP 10 in their sampling activities . This 5 unit package, can be equipped with the sampling heads of choice at an additional charge. The units are pre-calibrated to run at 10 liters per minute.

Please notify if you require a 7.5 liter per minute (LPM) flow rate, or a mix of 10 LPM and 7.5 LPM. There is no extra charge for this variation.

Additional information

Weight 156 oz