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Analysis of the Air/Gas ratio:

A crucial step for the quality of your products

The analysis of the air/gas ratio during combustion is crucial for production quality and energy costs optimization. This ratio has a direct impact on furnace chemical atmosphere and thus on the nature of the finished products, but also on the atmospheric emissions related to the combustion.

Premix Analyzer ADP 200 Multi Channel

General description:

ADP200 multichannel premix analyzer is designed to accurately monitor the premixed air and gas ratio that is sent to the gas burners. It allows the adjustment of the air/gas ratio to achieve the desired flame quality for optimal furnace temperature and atmosphere, as well as to maintain the mixture stability over a long period of time.
ADP200 offers many advantages in the combustion processes management:
  • Precise air-gas ratio analysis solution on 2 to 16 channels sequentially (for more channels, please enquire with us).
  • Completely autonomous: does not require a technician to scan the channels.
  • Great flexibility on the analysis cycle management .
  • Analysis of residual oxygen, and also residual fuel content.
  • Programmable calibration routine to prevent possible drifts.

Premix Analyzer ADP 100 Single channel

General description:

The analyzer model ADP100 is designed to monitor accurately the AIR/GAS ratio pre-mixed which is sent to the burners.

Technical description:

It allows the AIR/GAS ratio adjustment in order to obtain the desired quality of flame to get the optimum temperature and atmosphere in the furnace and to monitor over a long period the stability of the blending.

The sample to be monitored is going through a furnace at a fixed temperature of 800°C in a cell housing containing, at the inlet a combustion catalyzer and at the outlet a zirconium oxygen cell. The measurement of excess oxygen or combustible after a complete combustion of the sample is processed in a digital electronic to give a dual range in % oxygen and % combustible on a 4 – 20 mA output and on a digital display.